• Know Before You Go
    Familiarize yourself with the area you plan to visit. Paper maps, gps, phone mapping apps are all good resources. Knowing how to properly use them before you head out is often overlooked. The Fremont Adventure Recreation group is a great resource for familiarizing yourself with the various areas of Fremont County and how to prepare and know before you go what to bring.
  • Water Safety
    We are blessed in Fremont County to have a wide variety of outdoor activities that we can enjoy. One of the most notable however is the Arkansas River, beautiful and great for activities like swimming, rafting and fishing. However as with any water there are dangers that must be considered before jumping in on a hot day. Here are some tips to remember:
  • What To Do If You Are Lost!
    Stop Call or Text 9-1-1- and then STAY PUT! Respond to any Text Message requesting your location! We utilize special systems that can help locate you via your cell phone, so if you receive a text message requesting your location, be SURE to REPLY as instructed in the message! Following the instructions in the Text Message will allow us to pinpoint your location and help us help you much more quickly Think Retrace your steps in your mind. What landmarks did you see? Do you have any photos that will help you find your way back? Absolutely do not move… Read more: What To Do If You Are Lost!
  • 10 Essentials For The Wilderness
    School is almost out and the draw of the mountains is pulling hard. But before you take off on your hike, mtn bike ride or whatever adventure you seek to have take a minute and make sure you have the 10 Essentials for any trip. Always remember though everyone’s needs are unique and this is just a good place to start. Whoa! I am just going for an hour walk on a well-traveled trail, why do I need to carry all of all that stuff? Besides, I’ve been outdoors my whole life, I don’t need any of those things.  Even… Read more: 10 Essentials For The Wilderness
  • Fire Safety
  • Frequent Reasons For Call-Out
    Article about the most common reasons we get called out and how to prevent them.
  • Dressing For Warmth