What would eventually become Fremont Search and Rescue was originally formed in 1967 as the “Rescue Squad” of the Royal Gorge CB Radio Club.  Over fifty years ago, the need for a well trained and equipped team of dedicated wilderness responders emerged as more people were making their way into the back country.


In 1969, Fremont Search and Rescue was officially incorporated as a non-profit entity.  For over half a century Fremont Search and Rescue has continuously served Fremont County Colorado residents and visitors.


The year 2016 marked a significant milestone for the Fremont Search and Rescue Team.  Through a great deal of extra hard work and dedication, the Team earned their Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) Accreditation.  MRA Accredited Teams are considered the “best of the best” in Search and Rescue.

MRA Teams must demonstrate proficiency – based on the highest standards – in five disciplines: Search, High Angle Technical Rescue, Scree Field Evacuation, Winter Rescue, and Avalanche Operations.

This was a particularly significant accomplishment for Fremont Search and Rescue as it was one of the first small Teams in the Colorado area to achieve this prestigious accreditation.  While some Teams operate with over 100 people on their roster, Fremont Search and Rescue typically operates with 25 to 30 members.


The persistent hard work of several Fremont Search and Rescue members, with significant support from Fremont County Government, paid off in 2020.  Fremont Search and Rescue was able to consolidate operations and equipment at an indoor facility – affectionately referred to as the “SAR Yard”.  The former Atmos Gas facility at 1901 E. Main Street is a welcomed improvement from the previous carport and storage shed at the Sherrif’s Department.


Generally, Teams are required to complete Mountain Rescue Association re-accreditation every five years to prove continued proficiency in the MRA disciplines.  Covid-19 was not going to let this happen, so the re-accreditation was postponed until 2023.  

Just like the original accreditation in 2016, the Fremont Search and Rescue Team pulled out all the stops – committing themselves to additional training and relentlessly practicing for the rigorous expectations of the Mountain Rescue Association Evaluators.

Fremont Search and Rescue is very proud to have completed the Mountain Rescue Association re-accreditation – establishing our status as a Member Team of the Mountain Rescue Association for another five years.  Only thirteen of approximately fifty Search and Rescue Teams in Colorado have achieved this distinction.