Tracking is the art of finding signs that a person has passed through a certain location.  When searching for a lost subject, determining a direction of travel by locating an identifiable set of footprints leading in a particular direction, can dramatically reduce the search area.  By reducing the search area, resources can be focused on that area, and the probability of finding the lost subject increases dramatically.  Trackers working in conjunction with Dog Teams are highly effective at locating lost subjects.

Technical Ropes

Our Technical Ropes Team works and trains regularly to be able to safely help people who are in difficult to access locations. Their training focuses on working in high angle situations where travel on foot would be risky and dangerous to both the patient and our team.

Dogs (K-9)

In Search and Rescue terms, highly trained dogs and their handlers are called “multipliers”.  In appropriate situations Dog Teams can perform searches more quickly – or in a greater area – than unaided human searchers.  In some cases, a single trained Search Dog can cover the same territory that would require thirty or more human searchers.

Dog Teams generally specialize in up to three disciplines: Trailing, Air Scent, and Human Remains Detection.  Trailing Dog Teams are similar to the “bloodhounds” in old movies.  Utilizing an items containing a lost or missing person’s scent, the Dog Team can follow the specific trail of that person.  Air Scent Dog Teams can pick up scents that are carried on the air to detect a person’s location.  And, as the name implies, Human Remains Dog Teams can assist in identifying the location of deceased human beings.

Dogs and their handlers are incredibly disciplined, and train to some extent every single day, in addition to the formal training every week.  Watching a skilled Search Dog at work with their handler is a truly awe inspiring experience.


The Fremont Search and Rescue Alpine Team trains for the rigorous requirements of working above the tree line, as well as snow and avalanche conditions.  Special circumstances require special training and equipment.

Operating on snowshoes in alpine conditions creates additional challenges for Search and Rescue missions.  Our Alpine Team trains on topics such as proficient use of Avalanche Beacons, building rope systems employing snow anchors, and extractions from snow and avalanche conditions.

Swift Water

The Swiftwater Rescue Team conducts search, rescue, and recovery in swift water, still water, and flood environments.  Team members are trained as Swift Water Rescue Technicians.  The team is highly skilled in water safety, ropes, knots, rescue systems, rescue operations, swimming techniques and boat operations. They provide support along the Arkansas River and coordinate responses with Arkansas Head water Recreation Area.